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Luxury Bulletproof Garments

Our company was established in 2010 in the Czech Republic. Our objective and mission is to complement existing and widely available elements of ballistic protection (bullet-proof vests) with luxury, top quality, and discreet clothing. Our collections include primarily designer leather jackets, which provide a combination of most suitable security class protecting vital organs, discretion, and comfort. In practice this means that our clothing is indistinguishable from regular clothing while significantly mitigating risks of injury or death during a gun or stab attack of a potential assailant. Design, production as well as materials originate exclusively from the European Union. 

Enter Our Collection

Our products are manufactured from the highest quality leathers and components and are subjected to extensive quality testing thus ensuring long-term and trouble free daily use.  Ballistic protection panels are manufactured from modern materials composed of nano fibers. High price of the materials is outweighted by extremely low weight, flexibility, and level of ballistic protection as compared to other available materials.  Team of top Italian designers, very high quality natural materials and handmade manufacturing come together to create truly luxurious products that cannot be found elsewhere. Our collection is the largest on the market and enables creation of unique individual style.