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"I have personally put the products of Sentinel Tailors to the test, from the selection and composition of materials to the way in which they are processed to make the complete product. Theirs is among the finest ballistic body armors available for civilian purposes. Its concealable soft body version without hard plates fully complies with the U.S. standard NIJ 0101-04 and the Russian GOST-R 50744-95 standard. I consider Sentinel Tailors products to be the top of the cream in the global market, and rely on them in discharging the duties of my profession."

Tomáš Czabe

Short resume

Mr. Czabe is capitalizing on experiences gained over the course of thirteen years as a service member of Czech Police, where he rose through the ranks, from patrol duty, to serving in special task forces entrusted with public order, riot control, etc., to criminal investigation services (which entailed close cooperation with the public prosecutor's office and special police). For several years, he was the member of a special unit of Czech Police; he retired in 2009 as a highly decorated service member.

In 1997, he served with the 7th Reconnaissance Battalion in the capacity of deep recon specialist, followed by a stint at the military police, as member of a unit assigned to MP Headquarters where he certified as a MUSADO expert.

From 1998-1999, he served with the 7th Mechanized Brigade of the Czech Army, with which he went on deployment as part of the SFOR mission on the territory of former Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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