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How to Buy Our Luxury Bulletproof Garments

Process of product selection, preparation of pricing inquiry, order placement and payment:

  1. In the first step please select required model from our collection. You will be redirected on a page with product details. On this page please select the required level of protection. Detailed description can be found HERE. Follow with selection of garment size S, M, L, XL or XXL. Each product is handmade to your specific measures as every person is different. Consequently, it is advised to add specific measures A - E and select a metric system. At this point "Place Inquiry" button will become active. Once you place your inquiry you will be presented with inquiry overview. If you wish to inquire multiple products please repeat the selection process. Now you will be redirected to a page with inquiry overview. 
  2. On this page please fill your delivery and invoicing address. In case both addresses are not identical use the check box. If you wish to provide further details please use the field entitled  "Notes". Press the  "Send Inquiry" button. Your inquiry is now forwarded to the Sales Department. 
  3. The information you have provided will be verified and the Sales Department will develop a price quote and propose delivery terms and conditions. Price is primarily driven by the amount of ballistic material (related to stated body measures) and delivery address. Price and delivery terms and condictions will be promptly sent to your email in order to enable order confirmation or potential change of your order details. 
  4. Following order confirmation you will receive payment information. Both bank transfer and PayPal are available payment options. Your order will be forwarded to production as soon as your payment is received. 
  5. Production starts immediately and requires approximately three weeks. Time required for delivery is dependant on the requested delivery address and will be executed using global logistics companies. The time required for delivery shuld not exceed 14 days. You will receive a tracking number and will be informed on the delivery status